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An estimated $10 billion to $15 billion in transactions occur between our members and service providers annually.

5 million


$15 billion

in transactions

$315 million

in revenue

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  • Kristie Smith
ERA Real Estate Links Angie’s List Service Provider
    “Really never thought a referral site like Angie’s List would be for my type of industry, but I have been completely proved wrong. At this point, Angie’s List is one of the highest referring sources for our business.”

    Kristie Smith
    Keller Williams Realty
  • Tish Flooring Angie’s List Service Provider
    “Being an Angie’s List service provider makes Tish Flooring immediately credible to hundreds of perspective, qualified consumers who may not have heard of us before.”

    Harry Tishler
    Tish Flooring
  • Dr. Francis Price Angie’s List Service Provider
    “The patients that we see from Angie’s List are better informed. They utilize the internet to find the provider that they want for the services that they need.”

    Dr. Francis Price
    Price Vision Group
  • Blakley’s Flooring Angie’s List Service Provider
    “We feel that the Angie’s List customer is a qualified customer. They already know that they’re looking for flooring and they’re interested in quality service, so we feel it is a better lead when the customer comes in to us from Angie’s List.”

    Blakley’s Flooring
  • Reliable Pest Control Angie’s List Service Provider
    “When it comes to Angie’s List members as customers, we had done advertising from other sources in the past but nothing has really compared with Angie’s list. As far as the level of return that we’ve gotten from Angie’s List members, they really seem to be in a category of their own as far as commitment. ”

    Reliable Pest Control

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* Information from internal Angie’s List data as of 4/1/2015.