3 Ways to Use Your Review Link

Reviews are a great way to showcase the quality work you do, but sometimes it can be a little intimidating to ask customers for feedback. Not to fear! Angie’s List developed a review link, unique to each business on the list, to help gather feedback.

Here are our top three ways to use your personal review link.

Emails: Copy and paste your review link into your email signature and electronic communication. After every completed job, follow up with your customers to see if everything is still up to their expectations. This is also a good time to remind them to leave a review for you on Angie’s List.

Try sending a quick message, like, “Thanks for your business! It was great working with you. We really appreciate what our customers have to say. If you could, please visit our review page and leave your feedback. Click  http://my.angieslist.com/angieslist/review/SPID to get started.

Business Card: These are great to leave behind with invoices and other marketing materials you pass out. Providing your review link on your business cards allows customers to visit your review page and leave their feedback when convenient for them.

Social Media: Have a Facebook page or Twitter account? These are great avenues to not only spread the word about your company but also distribute your review link to your present customers.

Give it a try! Start by posting something simple, like, “The greatest compliment our customers can give us is their feedback! Visit my.angieslist.com/angieslist/review/SPID to leave your review.”

If your review link is taking too much of your character count in Twitter, try using Hootsuite or Bitly to shorten the URL. Both are free and also help track how many people click on the links you provide.

When using your review link, remember to replace the letters SPID at the end with your actual Service Provider ID number, found on your Business Center profile. For more tips and best practices for collecting reviews, be sure to visit our review tools page.