7 ways your business can save money this summer

Rising temperatures mean rising energy costs. Is your business’ summer energy bill too hot to handle? Here are seven ways you can make sure you aren’t sweating it too much this summer, literally.

  1. Keep lamps and other heating items away from the thermostat. The thermostat can sense the heat and the A/C may run longer than necessary as a result.
  2. Keep your outside A/C unit in the shade. Shaded air conditioning units produce cold air more efficiently.
  3. Install a programmable thermostat. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, programmable thermostats can shave hundreds of dollars per year off your energy bill.
  4. Keep plants, shrubbery and other landscaping at least two feet away from your outside A/C unit to give it better air circulation.
  5. Clean your air conditioner regularly. Clogged or dirty filters force your A/C unit to work harder for the same amount of air.
  6. Use caulk or weather strips around your air conditioning ducts and other cracks to keep the cool air from escaping. Plugging up large cracks in the wall keeps the cold air inside during the hot summer months.
  7. Replace old lights with LED lightbulbs. When compared to incandescent light bulbs, LED bulbs use 75% less energy and last up to 25 times longer.

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