Asking for the review

When you register on the Angie’s List Business Center, you can access some great review tools—all for free. Everything from review forms to us collecting them for you, we’ve got you covered. We now have a new way for you to easily remind your customers about leaving a review, even those who aren’t members.

Some customers might find filling out a form by hand to be too time consuming or they might just forget to drop it in the mail, leaving that awesome review buried under junk mail. To cut down the clutter (and maybe save a few trees), we’ve created an online form for customers to fill out and submit instantly.

By adding the customized link you received in the April newsletter to emails or electronic invoices, you can provide a quick and easy form for your customers to leave their feedback on your business. Be sure not to alter the link, we wouldn’t want someone else getting your review!

Since more and more customers are relying on online reviews to help with their hiring decisions, it might also be good to brush up on ways to ask for a review:

  • Ask promptly. Customers are most likely to provide feedback immediately after the time of service when the details are fresh in their mind.
  • Follow up with your initial request 3-5 days later with a reminder email, adding the online review form or a personalized review link to your signature.
  • Be candid. Asking for a review is nothing to be embarrassed about – in fact, it shows your commitment to your business. Simply let them know you’re working to improve your business and find their feedback crucial.

All of the tools available on the Angie’s List Business Center can help generate reviews on your business from members and non-members. Remember that if a non-member submits a review it doesn’t impact your grade. It does, however, show up on your profile for other potential customers to see.

Use these tools and tips to help build reviews and utilize the feedback to gage your customer satisfaction.