Availability and reviews

There are many factors that can affect an online review about your practice. Last time we discussed a few tips to make sure your office environment doesn’t end up with a poor score.  Next up on our series: availability.

  1. Office hours – Where are your office hours posted and how easy are they to find? When a patient needs to make an appointment, they don’t have the time to scour your website looking to see when you’re open. Make sure your office hours are clearly listed and noticeable.

  2. Scheduling after hours – Even though your office closes for the evening, life doesn’t. There could be times when a patient falls ill and wants to schedule an appointment as early as possible. Make sure there are plenty of options for scheduling, whether that’s via phone, online or through an app. If they do call your office phone number, make sure you leave a detailed message of scheduling options and, as always, direct them to 911 if it is an emergency.

  3. Staff availability – Not everyone calling your office needs to be seen. Some will simply have a question about their treatment or billing, or need to request a prescription refill. Have a dedicated phone nurse or another qualified staff member available throughout the day to take these calls.

We understand the office can get busy and there may be times when no one is available to answer questions. A follow up as soon as possible is always appreciated and may also contribute to a positive note in a review.