Award-Winning Tools Keep Business Ticking

Christensen’s Clockworks won the first Angie’s List Best Toolbox in America photo contest. Congratulations to Eric and Link Christensen and office manager Chris Reid at the family-owned shop just outside Orlando, Fla. The winning toolbox is a family heirloom — used for about 30 years — that still keeps Orlando-area clocks ticking.

Eric established the clock repair business in 1984, and says he found his love for the trade when he needed a key for his own clock and stopped in to Lentz Clock Repair in Gainesville, Fla.

Link, Eric’s son, has been working alongside his dad for 15 years, but started learning the trade in elementary school when he’d go on service calls in the late afternoon. “The toolbox came from a semi-customized toolbox company in Orlando where my dad got it made with the inserts he needed for his tools,” Link says.

The oldest tool they use most often is a 60-year-old hammer acquired for the trade, while the flashlight is the tool they use the most, Eric says. “With a grandfather clock, there’s not much light, so you need … to see the small parts,” Link says.

Over the years, they’ve accumulated some items from other clockmakers who passed down their tools. “The most expensive tool is the set of socket drivers that makes it a whole lot easier to repair these clocks,” Link says.

Link says he’s learned valuable clock-repair lessons from his dad. “You can’t be looking for perfection because these clocks weren’t perfect,” he says. “If everything is an exact, perfect fit, it won’t work right.”

Being personable and friendly with their customers has been the most important part of their business, Link says: “Customers value our breadth of knowledge, how long we’ve been in business and our experience with many different clocks – word of mouth still works for us.”

As the winner, Link got bragging rights, but more importantly, the race fan got to wave the green flag to start the Angie’s List Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in May. “This is exciting, I’ve never been to a race in Indy, or even to Indy for that matter,” Link says.

Christensen’s Clockworks has had reviews on Angie’s List since 2011 and currently has an A rating. “I contribute that rating to the quality of our work and how we treat our customers’ valuables,” Link says. “I do read the reviews when they come in and feel that Angie’s List has helped us. When someone needs clock repair, it’s a place they go to look. Being well rated with reviews is definitely good for us.”