How to collect consumer reviews

According to the 2013 Nielsen’s Global Survey of Trust in Advertising, online consumer reviews were considered to be the third most trusted source of information, behind personal recommendations and branded websites.

That’s not so much the case when it comes to Angie’s List consumers and their reviews. In an Angie’s List Consumer Survey, 82 percent of member participants considered the most important information when evaluating service providers was their consumer reviews, followed by family and friend referrals.

When it comes to feedback, more is better, and your Business Center account has the resources to help.  Here are a few best practices to keep in mind for collecting consumer reviews.

  • Ask for the review, every time. Whether or not your customers are Angie’s List members, hand them a review form at the end of the job and tell them that you appreciate any feedback they can provide.
  • Attach business cards to your invoices. Not only does this make your business information readily available, but it also includes a personalized review link that customers can use to leave their feedback on Angie’s List.
  • Include a review link in your email signatures. This helps to act as a reminder that you’re looking for feedback. When customers click on the link, it will take them directly to your Angie’s List business review page for them to submit comments.

Remember, you have access to these great review tools and more anytime through your Business Center account. Log in and start collecting consumer reviews today.