Job requests in a snap

From a gutter cleaning to kitchen remodeling, SnapFix requests can be your next job from Angie’s List.

Wouldn’t it be great if you checked your Angie’s List Message Center and saw a job request waiting for you? SnapFix is the revolutionary tool that does exactly that.

Here’s how it works:

A homeowner wakes up to find that part of his fence fell down during last night’s storm. He grabs his smartphone, logs in to the Angie’s List mobile app and starts a project using SnapFix.

With the SnapFix feature, he can take a photo of the fence, describe the work needed and offer scheduling availability. That request is sent to Angie’s List, where it is then matched to businesses like yours. Once matched, the request is sent directly to your Message Center.

What’s great about SnapFix requests:

They aren’t just from Angie’s List members! SnapFix is available to everyone in need of home improvements. Your customer doesn’t own a smartphone? No problem! Customers can also submit a SnapFix request at

After every completed SnapFix request, customers are encouraged to leave a review about their experience working with you, the completed job, etc. It’s a great way to track your jobs and stay in touch with your Angie’s List customers!

The important details:

These are actual job requests needing immediate attention! Angie’s List only introduces you to the customer through your Message Center. After that initial “virtual meeting,” it’s up to you to make arrangements with the customer to schedule an appointment, gather any additional details and complete the job.

Be sure to check your Message Center regularly to see if you have any SnapFix requests waiting for your response.