Office environment and patient reviews

Receptionist in a doctors office

At Angie’s List, we know reviews. They are great sources of feedback for your practice and help connect you to searching members. There are many components to the review, and while some are specific to your practice and category, others are impacted by minor adjustments.

In our eight part series we are breaking down some of those categories and sharing tips and tricks to try in your office. First up, your office environment.

  1. Make them feel at home – When patients walk in the door what do they see? While professional interior design isn’t necessary, a clean and well put together waiting area goes a long way.
  2. Keep the atmosphere friendly and professional – A welcoming staff can help patients feel at ease before an appointment.
  3. Declutter and update – Don’t let your magazine selection be the topic of conversation. Current reading materials (for all ages), games for children and even some word games will help keep patients occupied.

Remember that your office and staff are an extension of you. They could be a difference between an average appointment and positive experience.