Ready with the Offer

With the Internet readily accessible at our fingertips, consumers have an easier time finding the information they need before purchasing a service.

A recent survey from the Pew Research Center indicates that “81 percent of online Americans report their Internet and cell phone use has made them better informed about products and services today than they were five years ago.”

This type of access brings about a new consumer. Nowadays, we can purchase just about anything online, including home repairs and services. It’s evident homeowners, particularly Angie’s List members, are ready to make home improvement-related purchases toward their homes.

“A majority of our members are gearing up to invest in their homes at the same or greater level than last year,” says Angie’s List co-founder Angie Hicks. “We found even greater optimism among service companies, with many of them saying they’re already booking more jobs than at this time last year and expect to have a great 2016.”

Providing eCommerce or online sales is one way to help fill the schedule books with appointments, as well as show current and potential consumers popular or even lesser-known services businesses offer. These offers conveniently live on Angie’s List, via your profile and the Shop Deals page, or even through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

Consider the benefits:
• No upfront costs to post offers.
• Offers are year-round and fair-market priced.
• No limit to the number of offers you post.
• Dedicated team to assist making offers competitive.
• Increased business exposure.
• Opportunity for additional revenue.

Along with these benefits, eCommerce gives businesses more opportunities to collect reviews and feedback from their consumers.

Once work is completed from an offer they purchased, members are encouraged to leave a review on the businesses they hired. Since consumers do not have to be members to purchase eCommerce, this gives businesses an opportunity to build a relationship with those not quite ready to join Angie’s List.

Feedback is valuable, whether from a member or not. The Angie’s List Business Center provides several options for businesses to gather the reviews they need to better their service. From classic review forms to business cards with a personalized review link, businesses should be prepared to ask for feedback after every fulfilled eCommerce job.

Both eCommerce offers and reviews work hand in hand to build a business’ presence and reputation on Angie’s List.