Why should your business be on Twitter?

Simple Answer: Because your current and potential customers are on Twitter. It gives you a chance to listen, engage and potentially sell these customers. Check out this data from a 2014 Twitter Small Business Survey.

(Small Business Costumer Insights; Twitter + DB5 Research Whitepaper)
*1,000 Twitter users surveyed, SMB = Small Business

Are Daily Users 51%

See SMB tweets at least daily

Feel better about a SMB after reading its tweets

Discovered a new SMB

Purchased a product or service from SMB because of Twitter

Engaged in a conversation with or about a SMB

Felt better about a SMB after a reply

Tweeted to share a positive experience with SMB

Tweeted to share a positive experience with others

How to sign up

  • If you don’t already have a Twitter account, visit Twitter.com and sign up for your account, it’s free.
  • Upload a photo that represents your business (logo, picture of physical location, etc.).
  • In the description highlight services offered, location and a simplified version of your mission statement.
  • Begin tweeting. You can’t tweet too much, or too little. Find the balance that’s right for you.

What to tweet?

  • Your business is good at what it does! Show it off and share special projects with before/after photos.
  • Your business can be respected as an industry leader! Tweet news, latest trends or opinions in your field.
  • Your business is great at customer service! Prove it on Twitter, by responding to customers.
  • Your business knows the secrets! Share helpful tips for all consumers.
  • Your business is an integral part of the community! Talk about what’s going on in your town. (Even if it’s not relevant to your company.)

Pro Tip 1: There are Twitter apps for almost all smartphones. Using Twitter on a phone is an efficient way to tweet.

Pro Tip 2: Make a daily habit of it. Don’t get addicted to it, but spend a few minutes every day to maintain a constant presence, eventually you’ll be a master!

Pro Tip 3: Angie’s List has a Newsroom full of writers sharing great content about your industry. To quickly hit the ground running with Twitter, follow and retweet @AngiesList and @AngiesListBC tweets. We’d love to tweet with you!

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