Writing your story

For almost 20 years, Angie’s List has helped millions of service providers and consumers connect to complete just about every home improvement project imaginable.

Every project needs a service provider. Every service provider has a story to tell about his or her business.

Angie’s List can help share that story. Just take it from David Spence.

Influenced by working with his father for years, David decided that he wanted to go into business as a general contractor and electrical firm.

David had no idea what Angie’s List was until the day he was approached to provide an estimate on a roof for a loyal Angie’s List member. Without David’s business being on Angie’s List, the member refused to allow him to quote her.

After that, he began writing a new chapter of his business story, one that involved Angie’s List.

Angie’s List gives businesses an opportunity to shine, connect to the consumers they want and continue growing.

From setting up a free profile to earning that first review and setting up an online store, Angie’s List is dedicated to helping highly rated businesses expand their reach to its customers.

It’s OK to be a little skeptical, David was too. But that’s why we have specialized teams and resources ready to help you toward your goals.

There’s a team that specializes in your online Angie’s List presence. One that helps you build relationships with customers and another for setting up your Angie’s List store. There’s even one for expanding your reach to new or potential customers.

And don’t forget about the 24/7 access to free review generation tools. Collecting feedback about your business has never been easier with our free review forms, review link, tear pads and even a review collection program.

Angie’s List allows you to showcase your services to the local customer base you want, communicate with these customers and track your business’ progress all though your Business Center account.

If Angie’s List worked for David’s business, then ask yourself, “Why can’t it work for me too?”

Still not sure? View David’s story here and then decide for yourself.